About Little Guardians

Hi I'm Mari from Little Guardians.

I am based in Melbourne, Australia and run an online shop which handles only sustainable items related to fair trade and localisation.
I wanted to contribute to fair trade and localisation because both are really important, but I thought that they were completely opposite things, and that it could be difficult to tackle both at the same time. (Fair trade involves global arrangement, and on the contrary, localisation focuses on the local production for local consumption.)
But I realised that these two seemingly different things have some things in common.
· It is easier to see the artisans and producers of the items.
· Environmental impact is considered.
· An appropriate amount of the price is paid to the artisans and producers.
After realising these facts, I decided to dedicate myself to the prevalence of these things.

It is said that we have to solve major issues, like environmental and poverty issues, in the world.
The more I learned about this, the more I was at a loss.
But I also realised that our small acts could end up solving big issues, making them very powerful and important.
Each of us might be a small existence, but I believe that even small existences have the potential to make a large impact and change the current situation when combined together.
I named my shop “Little Guardians” because I wanted to describe a world with many “guardians” that protect the Earth and future generations.