Fair Trade+


Fair Trade items

Every item in this shop is a fair trade product that allows you to trace the people who made it.
By purchasing fair trade products, an appropriate price is paid to the artisans and your shopping becomes eco-friendlier and society-friendlier as well.


Local items

All of the local Australian items are made ethically and sustainably.

Coming soon...

Why fair trade and Localisation

Fair trade and localisation seem like totally opposite things at a glance.

However, I realised they have some things in common.

· It is easier to see the artisans and producers of the items

· Environmental impact is considered.

· An appropriate amount of the price is paid to the artisans and producers.


After realising these facts, I decided to dedicate myself to the prevalence of these things.

I really hope this website is useful for your sustainable life.


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